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Residential Pest Control in North Port

If you’re looking for a pest control company whose services will do more than temporarily scare away those pests, look no further than Seven Brothers Pest Control Inc.. Licensed, bonded, fully insured, and favored by families near and far, we’re the team for you. Call us at (941) 220-7373 today.


Is Your Property Crawling with Ants? Call the Ant Pest Control Experts!

If you woke up this morning to see a long convoy of ants making their way along your walls and ceiling, you’re going to need an exterminator at your house––pronto.

While there might be a dozen pest control experts in your area, few are capable of making your pest and bug problems a thing of the past. Most of them, at best, can keep those bugs away for a few weeks at most.

Us, on the other hand, we do more than treat the surface-level problems. We identify the source of the problem and work from there.

The Residential Exterminators You Can Count On

With our services, you can always expect:

  • 24/7 On-Call Emergency Pest Control Services
  • Free No-Obligation Consultations
  • Competitive Rates
  • Extended Warranties on All Services
  • The Best Pest Control Products and Repellents on the Market

If you’re a new client, we know we have to earn your trust. These are just a few of the ways we go about earning your trust.

The Fast-Acting Bed Bug Control Company

When you discover bed bugs, you can’t wait until next week to deal with the situation. You need someone who can be there quickly.

That’s why we offer 24/7 around-the-clock services. Bed bug situations only worsen with time. Their infestation can spread to other areas and even other households quite quickly.

The Pest Control Professionals with the Certification to Prove It

Experienced commercial-grade equipment, and a desire to do well are all essential to our job. If you’ve found a company who can promise all three of those things, you might just get the results you hope for.

But there is one thing that’s missing from that list: Certifications, qualifications, and accreditations.

Other than hard-earned wisdom, years of experience, and a track record for customer satisfaction, we also have the certifications to prove we’re more than qualified to address your pest control problems. We’re state-certified to perform lawn and ornamental pest control and general household pest control.

The Eco-Friendly ‘Green’ Exterminators

Our exterminators can guarantee to get rid of your pests with our treatments and products. Moreover, we only use high-quality, eco-friendly products on every infestation job. We believe in staying away from toxic chemicals, hazardous sprays, and dangerous traps! Those approaches could harm your children or household pets! And we don’t believe in those methods at all.

Flexible Scheduling Options for All Pest Control Services

In the interest of customer satisfaction, we offer a variety of scheduling options for all our services. We don’t want you to work around our busy schedule—we want to work around your schedule! Just let us know your preferred times and we’ll be there.

The Definitive Guide to Pest Control for North Port Homeowners

The bed bug situation in North Port, FL may not be as extreme as it is in New York City or San Francisco, but that’s cold comfort to North Port homeowners dealing with the invasion of an itchy menace. It seems like just yesterday bed bugs were a forgotten threat that we didn’t need to deal with in modern society. Unfortunately, these wily predators are back with a vengeance: feeding, breeding, and generally making all our lives miserable.

But those aren’t the only pest-related issues affecting North Port homeowners. Termites and rodents and cockroaches all call our fair city home. If you see evidence of a pest problem, or if you even suspect you might have one, it’s crucial you call a pest control company near you for a full inspection. We’re a little biased, sure, but may we suggest Seven Brothers Pest Control Inc.?

Rapid, Reliable Pest Control Services in North Port

Pests aren’t welcomed guests and they have no place in your home. Seven Brothers Pest Control offers thorough, effective treatments and proven methods for removing stubborn pests.

If left to their own devices, pest populations can and will increase. While they may seem like a harmless nuisance, pests can cause major problems within a home, including contamination, scratching, deterioration, breaking, and eating the materials and contents to your home.

Pests can include insects, rodents, bats, possums, and even birds. Regardless of the creature making its home in yours, the problem must be dealt with promptly and fully.

Our team works quickly to ensure that your house is free of its unwanted tenants. This is not a problem that will solve itself—allow Seven Brothers Pest Control to put their experience and expertise to work for you!

Where to Look for Pest Infestation Indicators

Some pests are less conspicuous than others. While some make their presence known quite obviously, others lurk quietly behind the scenes. Homeowners frequently do not see the pests themselves, but rather undeniable signs of their presence. Here are some of the most common places homeowners are likely to detect pest infestations:

  • Kitchen
  • Pests will frequently congregate in kitchens, for many reasons. Warmth and storage of food are the primary reasons, but the kitchen is also fed by many pipes and openings. This makes the kitchen an easy point of access from the outdoors.

  • Rooms Containing Appliances
  • Many types of appliances have connections, such as vents, leading from outdoors to indoors. These warm, accessible environments are known to be frequently inhabited by pests. Utility rooms or laundry rooms are examples of rooms where pests may gain entrance. Special attention should be paid to your home’s basement and attic.

  • Garages
  • If you detect the presence of pests in your garage, there’s no need to panic—yet. This does not guarantee they have made it into your home. However, it’s important to take measures to safeguard your garage entrance so pests don’t make it into the home. While garage infestations don’t generally spell trouble for contamination or health risks, pests can easily access the garage from beneath the garage door and from gaps between the walls and floors.

Signs of a Pest Infestation

  • Noise
  • Pests may be quiet, but they aren’t silent. Noises may indicate the presence of pests in your North Port home. Pests are generally most active during the night, so this will be the best time to listen for them. Press your ear against the wall, as pests frequently inhabit walls, or the ceiling, particularly if your home has an attic or crawlspace.

  • Smell
  • Homes with pest infestations usually have a discernible odor. Many homeowners compare this odor to a barn or rabbit hutch, with a distinct smell of ammonia. While unpleasant, following this odor could lead to the source of the infestation.

  • Nesting
  • When pests have gotten in, they tend to stay, especially with steady sources of food and warmth. Watch for evidence of nests in darker, less-populated parts of the home. Examples include wall cavities and behind appliances.

  • Wiring/Furniture Damage
  • Chewing, scratching, or damage to furniture or wiring is an almost sure sign of an infestation. Just make sure your own pet wasn’t the perpetrator!

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

The reason that bed bugs are so hard to eradicate is that they are very clever insects that have adapted to many of the pesticides that were in use against them. Bed bugs have coexisted with humanity for hundreds of years. That’s why they can only feed on human blood, and why they can be so hard to get rid of. They’re wise to our tricks. And no matter what we do, these pesky creatures will find a way to adapt—over the long-term, at least.

In the short-term, they are much easier to get rid of. How? Calling a residential pest control company with experience performing inspections and eradicating infestations. Call Seven Brothers Pest Control Inc. today, and we’ll send an exterminator to take a look the same day (if possible). If you believe you may have a bedbug infestation, time is of the essence. Act quickly to prevent the outbreak from getting out of control.

Termites: Scourge of Homes Everywhere

Every Floridian knows how irritating termites can be. Luckily, these bugs don’t bite humans—at least not often. The problem? They can decimate the wood in your North Port home. Because most of our homes use wood in some fashion, a termite infestation can quickly rot through essential structures, leaving broken shells in their place.

These infestations have actual physical consequences for their owners. Stepping on a stair that termites have chewed through can cause it to collapse, injuring you or a loved one. If you get a termite infestation in your roof or attic, it can cause leaks, setting you up for rot and property damage.

Pest Control Near Me

If you’re dealing with an insect or rodent infestation, it’s crucial you take action. Seven Brothers Pest Control Inc. is here to help you resolve any pest or vermin-related problems. All our services begin with a complete inspection of your property to help come up with the most effective plan. We then use the latest and greatest in pest control innovations—new, family and pet-safe insecticides as well as experimental treatments.

We work hard day and night to keep your home secure from pests. Call Seven Brothers Pest Control Inc. today for a free quote!

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